Better Together


Peanut Butter and Jelly. Vampires and tween girls. Frozen bananas and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

But Helena, what wise lesson could you possibly be imparting this time?

Well Johnny, good things become great things with a counterpart.

Our culture loves us some pairs – industries included.  As with most things, the fashion world is a great example.  High-profile shows have transformed into melting pots of professionals from various industries. It’s not uncommon to see doctors, lawyers, elected officials, and sports stars among others along the side of runways. Get out you business cards folks. There is going to be some networking.

Lights! Cameras! Dentists!…..after the jump……..

A snapshot from New York Fashion Week

Fashion’s Night Out – the one-night shopper’s wet dream – was started by Vogue’s Anna Wintour last year during New York Fashion Week to lure shoppers into stores and revive the lagging fashion industry.  Now the event has spanned out to over 100 cities around the country, and even 16 countries decided to put on their own versions.

This year, the folks sitting off the runways were photographed more than those pretty people strutting down the catwalk. Fashion editors and bloggers were swooned over like a 10 year old girl salivating over Justin Bieber. Yes, I did just make a Justin Bieber reference. Take that youtube commenters!

During Europe’s Fashion Week, more emphasis was placed on the production of the show itself. For example, the late British designer Alexander McQueen was not only known for his creative palate, he was also an exponent of the fashion show as a live performance. Watch his shows online — many are still available on alexandermcqueen.com. In his videos, he explored larger ideas of cultural or social history and the increasing dominance of technology.

By contrast, the straightforward presentation of the clothes at New York Fashion Week suggests that fashion is merely a business, and clothes simply commodities.

No wonder people trying to climb the social ladder attend fashion shows. Spend a few days elbowing and squeezing through the path of flashing cameras, and you begin to feel that you will become famous by osmosis. Hmm I wonder if  I could do that?  Blogsmosis.


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