Keep Austin Weird

Guess who was in the dirty south this past weekend? Besides the Kernel, me! I was visiting the great country state of Texas. Austin, Texas to be more precise.

I did some tubing down Lake Guadalupe, made some friends with the Alpha Delta Gama Pi and some other fraternities. (a toga party was in store – in my honor I presume).

After my long weekend there, I now understand why the phrase “Keep Austin Weird” is  plastered on tie dyed t-shirts at every souvineir shop and kiosk.

Austin…is….well….different. Come journey with me:

More cowboys after the jump………..

Torchy's trailer park!

My first stop after being picked up at the airport was some good old Tex-Mex at Torchy’s Tacos. This place is a hole-in-the-wall-yell-out-your-order-as-you-are-stuffed-between-a-large-football-player-and-a-pack-of-hungry-biker-dudes sort of joint.  Pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a restaurant with a demon baby as their mascot.

As for the eats, try their fried avocado taco. You will think you have died and gone to taco heaven! It’s as if you are biting into a symphony of flavors and textures the likes of which Beethoven could scarcely have imagined. Naw, it’s just damn good.

They even got a twitter page, and their background is a baby in a taco costume. It’s true, check it out. This baby will have to be on my first awesome Halloween costume post.

This is what comes to mind when I think of Austin's gospel Hippie churches

If you happen to be in Austin on a Sunday don’t forget to go to church. Church you say? Blasphemy! No, this is Hippie Church. Everyone is welcome just be ready to eat tacos, drink beer, and dance. Just make sure you order the tacos ‘Al Pastor’ because it is church, after all.

The fourth Friday of every month April-October

Austin’s cultural fair, 4th Fridays, takes place in the heart and soul of the up and coming art district. This is an Austin block party at its finest. The festivities run all along East 11th Street and showcases local artists, musicians, and activities for kids and the kid in all of us (awe Kodak moment Helena).

Hook 'em horns

When you are in Austin, you bleed burnt orange. Not because there is some sort of chemical in their water system (that adds more of a lime green tinge), but because of the UT Longhorns football team!! woot woot! The Red River Rivalry between UT and OU is basically a rite of passage for every Longhorn. The Texas/OU torchlight parade and rally is just one of those things you have to experience. The parade will begin tonight with performances by Texas Cheer, Texas Pom, the Longhorn Band and the UT Dance & Roustabouts.

"Victory is mine!" (also notice the nice gender balance)

After you have rallied and bled, you may want to settle down with some of Austin’s geekier most awesome crowd.  Head on over to UFO arcade, where boys meet their dream video game character.

They have a nice blend of arcade classics and the latest and newest games. Plus, they are still Austin’s only coin operating arcade. How sweet is that?!

Just a couple highlights from the big state down south.  And don’t forget to keep Austin Weird.

Oh, and here are the cowboys I promised….

I like them handlebars


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