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Auburnin’ down the house

The Bus and the Talking Heads usually get along great, but we differ on one minor point.  That is, we think Auburnin’ down the house makes so much sense.  That’s why the real live Washington Bus is rolling out for the final time this year for Auburn, Washington’s legislative champion – one Claudia Kauffman.  For convenience sake, let’s make a checklist.  Claudia is:

–       The highest ranking female Native American in the country – Check

–       Vice chair of the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee – Check

–       Recipient of the Governor’s Award for Excellence – Check

–       Your new best friend – potential check


Makes so much sense in the legislature


Come join us for a great party and a great cause. RSVP to Bust a Move for Claudia!


How do you get to the best place on Earth? By Bus, of course.

world's only washington bus...'s only corn palace


Bus trips are coming soon….

Can you feel that spring in the air? And yes, it’s okay if you can’t, given the cold snap we’re feeling right about now, but the point remains: your favorite way to get good food, good people and good government is coming your way in a hurry!

The first Bus trips will kick off in the next couple of months, and in the meantime, whet your appetite with pictures from Bus trips past. Where will we go? Stay tuned!

In Tacoma with now-Mayor Marilyn Strickland

In Skagit with State Senator Kevin Ranker.

In Spokane with City Council candidates Jon Snyder and Amber Waldref.

In Snohomish with Liz Loomis.

In Yakima with Vickie Ybarra - the biggest canvass in Yakima history!


Bus around the world

Sighted in London Town!


Bus around the world

Holding down the mountains surrounding Lima, Peru. Worldwide!


cool stuff of the day, parts 1 and 2

Obviously we at the Bus are all cool stuff all the time… but this hurr post fills your quota for really cool stuff in case you had a lousy morning. Don’t worry: the afternoon still has upside. Part One should demonstrate that much: I believe in you, and so does Diamond Dave:

Not all of us have striped catsuits, biplanes, or boom boxes, but you damn well better have a trapeze, know what I’m sayin?

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FestiBus 2009


Oh hell yes. It’s holiday season again, and the Bus is psyched to present our second installment of FestiBus, the holiday party for the rest of (B)us. We want you, our closest friends, to come celebrate this amazing, astounding year. From our work in Olympia to the amazing first year of PowerCorps, Bus trips for awesome candidates, Parliament, Candidate Survivor and Trick or Vote, this has been an awe-inspiring year.

Come on down to Bus HQ, spend a warm evening with friends, and raise a toast to a great year with outstanding results!

Thursday, December 3rd
6-8 PM
Bus HQ: 1100 E Union Street, Suite 1E, Seattle, WA 98122