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Auburnin’ down the house

The Bus and the Talking Heads usually get along great, but we differ on one minor point.  That is, we think Auburnin’ down the house makes so much sense.  That’s why the real live Washington Bus is rolling out for the final time this year for Auburn, Washington’s legislative champion – one Claudia Kauffman.  For convenience sake, let’s make a checklist.  Claudia is:

–       The highest ranking female Native American in the country – Check

–       Vice chair of the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee – Check

–       Recipient of the Governor’s Award for Excellence – Check

–       Your new best friend – potential check


Makes so much sense in the legislature


Come join us for a great party and a great cause. RSVP to Bust a Move for Claudia!


One bus, one election, two heroes



Sometimes we need heroes. and extended metaphors.


Some call them champions, some call them ballot measures, we call them… LOS DOS VALIENTES.

In a ballot full of villainry, two bold heroes have the answers to our education and environmental woes (cue body slam).  One – a world-class acrobat displaying perfect balance – is known for her defense of the sick, and surprise drops of updated textbooks for Washington’s youth. The other – with impeccable hygiene (mold free!) and tree green eyes – employs 30,000 of the state’s finest workers to keep school children warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The former, known only as I-1098, as well as her companion R-52, have taken the future of Washington State into their own hands.  The work is exhausting (or might we say taxing?), but these villainous times call for brave folks.  They call for Los Dos Valientes. On Halloween, the Bus, you, and you’re best friends will answer this call. Get on the winning team.

The Bus knows another hero – one that wears no mask.  Senator Claudia Kauffman has been championing education and environmental goodness since before it was cool.  The Bus knows this, and we want to share the good news.  That means: (you guessed it) DANCE PARTY BUS TRIP (also dance party)!  Saturday October 16th will be the day, a bus full of great folks helping out Claudia will be the thing.  Be a hero yourself and RSVP.

Keep your eyes peeled for news of our new ballot-based champions in the weeks to come, and arriving in your mailboxes October 18thI-1098 and R-52 = Los Dos Valientes, the people’s champions.


As the primary dust settles, let’s see what we’ve got

Phew. Feels a tad like November, doesn’t it? Some primaries go softly into that good night. Others – notably our current 2010 version – go out with a bang.

So now that the returns are (in large part) in the door, what can we say about the state of the Bus, the state of you, the awesome volunteer, and the state of our state? Let us begin.

The State of the Bus: behold the rise of young politics.

Let’s just come straight out and say this first and foremost: young people have never mattered more in Washington State politics. Sure, we could quote our recent op-ed in the Seattle Times about voting trends, but there’s an even simpler metric to go by: young candidates, across the board, owned this primary election. In the three primary races the Bus was working on, Joe Fitzgibbon in the 34th Legislative District, Andy Billig in the 3rd Legislative District, and Nick Harper in the 38th Legislative District, the younger candidates came through the primary across the board. The Bus is proud that young people are headed towards elective office, and we’re glad that with each election, more and more campaigns realize that young people are a key constituency to be considered and valued. Pow!

The State of You: every door counts.

Did you know that you were the most important person in the primary? It’s true. In each of the Bus’s three primary races, the difference between the top two vote-getters was razor thin: as close as 21 votes, and no more than 246. Oooooweee! Bus volunteers knocked on thousands of doors, and made thousands of calls – more than enough to be decisive in each of these races. Your work as a volunteer is what made these races so competitive, and as we take a deep breath and look towards the general election together, know that your time and energy is going to be as important, if not more. It’s an exciting time – and you’re the reason it’s happening!

The State of the State: engaged.

The Bus is proud to be a part of a most excellent trend, which is a higher-than-usual turnout in a primary election. As the ballots continue to pour in (watch out this afternoon for another update), the Secretary of State’s office is predicting a primary turnout of 38 percent – enough to tie the recent (2006) record – and is crossing their fingers for the grand total to break 40. Now, we realize that means there’s much much more to do, but the fact that the dial is moving in the right direction, and that young people are a big part of it, is making us do the “high fiving my cousin” dance (fyi, there is no such dance. It simply sounds like fun).

The moral of the story? The wheels are in motion, the Bus is rolling, and you’re in the driver’s seat. Whether you’re in Vancouver, Spokane, Tenino or Tacoma, the Bus is going to be in your area this fall! We have miles to go before we sleep, so get your catnap in now, and let’s get ready to rumble!


Nick Harper – your first Bus trip!

The man, the myth, the Harper.

You know why the Bus is called the Bus? Simple: we HAVE a Bus! And do you know what we do with that Bus? Also simple: we load it up with YOU and 46 of your closest friends, and go support the best, youngest, most progressive candidates in Washington!

And yes our very first Bus trip of the year is coming up THIS Saturday, July 31st! The Bus is heading to the 38th Legislative District to support Nick Harper, a super progressive (whaddup Cascade Land Conservancy), super young (oh word, 31?), super badass candidate for State Senate.

We’re meeting up at the Bus office at 9:30 on Saturday, and we’ll be returning by 5:30. As always, food, beverages, training and swag are provided by the Bus (natch). The Bus (literal iteration) is filling up, but there are still spots available… for now. Reserve your spot today! Just email the Bus’s Field Marshall Christina at Christina(at)washingtonbus(dot)org, or RSVP online. Pow pow pow!


Meet the Bus’s 2010 candidates

Here at the Bus, we like good people. And we like good politics. If you were to make a Venn diagram of those two universes, the overlap would encompass a select group of elected officials, whose very existence makes Washington a better place.

Hyperbolic? We don’t think so! Good public officials fight for access to education and health care, for equal rights and social justice, and for environmental protections and local businesses. They’re pretty key to this whole thing we call “good government.”

With that in mind, we’re very proud to present to you the Bus’s selected 2010 candidates, all of whom will fight for young people and our issues. It’s a great list, and in a year with a ton of amazing candidates, it was no easy thing to select these few. But select we did, and we’re extremely proud of the results.

Each candidate submitted a video explaining why they wanted the Bus to support them, and since we know a video is worth a thousand pictures, and therefore a million words, we’ll stop talking and let our candidates take it from here!

1. Andy Billig, repping central Spokane

2. Joe Fitzgibbon, repping West Seattle, Burien and Vashon Island

3. Randy Gordon, repping Mercer Island and Bellevue

4. Nick Harper, repping Everett and Marysville

5. Claudia Kauffman, repping Kent and Covington

6. Geoff Simpson, repping Kent and Covington


bus warps into capt-astic future

captain kirk rides the bus too

We told you about our aspiration to less bad captaining jokes, but it’s a good thing we didn’t promise you anything.

…because the First Meeting of (Bus Trip) Captains is tonight from 5:30-6:30. Well, maybe not the first:

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oh captains, my captains

We need captains! Command our Bus of State! Yes! Here is how you can do it and get beamed up by Scotty!

We aspire to, but cannot promise, the making of less bad Captain jokes.

Bus Trip Captains’ Meeting

Bus HQ, Seattle, WA

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 (05:30 PM – 06:30 PM)

Bus trips are the BUSINESS. They are the biznasty goodness of the Bus trip world. And they work best when a lot of people help get them off the ground.

To that end, if you’re interested in being a Bus trip captain and helping plan, organize and run the most fun way to support progressive candidates, you should come through to Bus HQ on Tuesday, June 15th to see how it’s done, and how you can take control. Come through!

Phonebanking Captains’ Meeting

Bus HQ, Seattle, WA

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 (05:30 PM – 06:30 PM)

What is sexier, more exciting, and glamorous than phonebanking? That’s right: nothing. Phonebanking is the most efficient way to talk to hundreds and hundreds of young voters, which is sexy. It’s action packed and fast paced, which is exciting. And it’s always a black tie event, which is, by definition, glamorous.

You know what you should do? You should be a phonebanking captain. That’ll get you on the INSIDE of the magic that is calling young voters. And it is magic. Come to Bus HQ on Wednesday, June 16th to become a phonebanking captain, and get in the loop!

Trick or Vote Captains’ Meeting

Bus HQ, Seattle, WA

Thursday, June 17, 2010 (05:30 PM – 06:30 PM)

Yes. Trick or Vote. THE Trick or Vote. The one where you put on costumes, get candy, remind thousands of people to vote, and have a great dance party! We are already excited!

If you also like Trick or Vote (and we know you do – you are no enemy of fun), you should totes magotes be a Trick or Vote Captain. Not only do you get to be a part of the biggest, most fun youth-focused get out the vote program EVER, but you also get to start thinking about Halloween now! Come to Bus HQ on Thursday, June 17th, and start planning your costume!