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Higher Education

The old school

Sometimes major events line up just so. Just think of the crazy/awesome coincidence that involved experiencing Shark Week and the Week of Joe at the same time.

A tribute to the timeless preppy style, Take Ivy, is being released in a new printing this month. The photobook, amazing showcase of Ivy League style, was produced during the 1960’s by a Japanese team of fashion writers and a photographer. It’s just in time to hit for back-to-school season.

The book was out of print until a few years back, but just a quick glance at Take Ivy proves that the preppy style transcends time and trends. The book has been scanned and blogged about a bunch on the Internet and lots of fashion watchers are really excited to see it published.

Check out breathtaking photos from the shoot in the video preview below and make sure you pick up the book when it drops on August 31- if you can. The first printing has already sold out. Continue reading ‘Higher Education’


Mens Skirts, Seattle is Fashion Forward!

Toby, I didn't know you were also a part-time skirt model....

For everyone who needs their Fashion Friday fix, I don’t know about the rest of you, but the highlight of watching Men’s fashion week for me is catching a glimpse of the occasional shirtless model glistening as he struts down the runway.

So I was greatly disappointed to not only see that all the models were with their shirts on, they also had on 3-D glasses, vampire-esque clothing, and skirts.

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Forever Young

Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista battle it out

“Let’s dance in style, let’s dance for a while……..”

They can walk the walk and talk the talk, and now they are battling it out for supermodel supremacy. This upcoming season, we will see the perpetual battle of the innocence of youth versus the wisdom of age, the ageless supermodel versus the newcomers.

The veterans know that fashion is a direct reflection of our current economic status. Will the young models have the skills to follow them? This will be an interesting upcoming season as we are all waiting to see if 2010 will be the “year of the recovery”. Which group will rise to the top and lead the way for fashion in the years out of our recession? The stakes are high, because celebrities from outside the industry, like singers and actors, have increasingly landed on the covers of fashion bibles like Vogue and Vanity Fair. Media outlets are trying to tempt readers to buy their glossys with more well-known celebrities, making it more difficult to showcase unestablished, up and coming models.

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Pride 2010 fashion: the good, the bad, and the spandex

The glamorous Miss Gay Seattle XLV

Pride Fest 2010, for those who missed it, was filled with sequins, paint, and plenty of spandex. It was a wonderful display of humanity in all its glory, something I can truly appreciate. I loved seeing the mix of people, all together in perfect harmony.

The fashions on display were certainly eclectic to say the least. There was everything from turquoise bikini wearing middle aged men to loafer-wearing politicians there to promote their platforms. There was also a bicycle gang wearing nothing at all. They sure let it all hang out.

One of my favorite floats was from Los Hermanos, with the main entertainer shirtless, dressed in chaps and gyrating quite provocatively. Was it for the crowd? Rain City Soccer Club put on quite a show, proving soccer players know how to handle their balls the best (yuk yuk yuk). And who could forget the statuesque Miss Seattle Gay Pride 2010, whose silver outfit was the show stealer, down to a rainbow chiffon inlet in the skirt.

For those of us who came to the parade after attending Sunday services, no problem, there were a few church groups in the parade as well as the great Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Enjoy the photos and cast your vote on your favorite float……

Looks like Batman has been working out

Pink is also my favorite color

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