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Sometimes you think, “health care? Not that important.” Other times you have a gaping headwound

The sequel to last week’s Babies for 1098 video has arrived! This time – a friendly message from your local bread-faced head-trauma victim about our favorite initiative -1098:

And for the sake of less clicking on your part here is the prequel – the Baby –


All health care everything

Poetic imagery much? Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, and via the New York Times

In case you were under a rock, yesterday the House of Representatives voted for THE health care reform bill. You know, the one that extends coverage to 32 million people? That eliminates restrictions on pre-existing conditions? That allows us to stay under our parents’ health care up through age 26??? Yep, that one. It’s huge.

And everyone’s been talking/writing/blogging/freaking out about the bill. To paraphrase the one and only Sean Carter, all health care everything. Everything. To help you make some sense of just what we’re dealing with, the Bus is proud to present All The News That’s Fit To Blog, our health-care coverage round-up. It’s your one-stop shop for seeing just what went down yesterday. Observe…

Ezra Klein tells you exactly how big the bill actually is.

The Washington Post made an “internet machine” that lets you calculate the bill’s effect on you.

The Boston Globe thinks this is sort of kind of maybe a big deal for President Obama.

Mom’s Rising thinks this is sort of kind of maybe a huge deal for moms and families.

Politico gives some insight on the next front: selling the package to voters.

The Los Angeles Times talks Dems damage control.

The New York Times delves into the expected legal challenges to the bill.

That didn’t take long: Florida files a legal challenge. Already.

Need more? Let us know, we’ve got it in the vaults! In the meantime, education thineself.



Fine, be that way.

Well, at least we’ve got our hockey victories, right? …right?


Them yoots (us) and the health care debate

Trust this man with your democracy.

The Bus has long been a fan of smart people, and one of the smartest we know is a gentleman by the name of Matt Singer. Matt’s a Montanan, rocks cowboy boots like it’s his job, and reps young people politically nationwide. Matt recently put up an article on the Future Majority blog (which is required reading for national level yoot political business) about the ongoing health care debate and how it’s related to young people. And yes, it’s a doozy.

The bottom line: it’s improvement, but younger people will not be seeing the same benefits as older generations. Basically, there may be a Medicare buy-in option, aka a form of the public option, but it would only be open to folks between 55 and 64. To quote the wondrous Mr. Singer, “young voters got a public option… for their parents.” Ouch.

It’s informative to keep the national debate in mind as we move towards the legislative session in Olympia. Sometimes even the best ideas don’t capture every person’s priorities, but that doesn’t mean we as a generation have to sit anything out. Keep that in mind… we’re going to be announcing some exciting Oly developments next week. It’s a good thing.