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Let them eat cake

Are we on the next one? Or do we have a lot of power?

Choose your sides! Are you a pile-it-on pack rat or a stripped-down neat freak? For fashion this season, it seems as though you fall into one of the two contingents: opulent or minimal. Over the top or bare bones. Romantic or realist. Any other parallel examples you have for me?

Breaking News: Hella Bus has just gotten information that Kanye West has been quoted AGAIN saying some “oh no he didn’t” words about Jay Z.

“”I’m really happy for you [Jay Z], I’m gonna let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.”

Oh poor Jay Z. He thought his “On to the Next One” futuristic music video would win the heart and soul of our audacious “Power” hungry musician.

Okay back to the nitty gritty here. Turns out Jay-Z, Kanye, and their split-fashion personalities are just the tip of the iceberg.  Observe:


We have the forever King of Opulence Alexander McQueen showcasing his Fall line which includes a long-sleeved gilded embroidered dress.

Are you a Jill Sander man?

On the other side of the coin, Jill Sander (above) continues to give us clean and slick lines that combine to create a sophisticated look.

Burberry: bringing the cool back in old-school. take out the "h" please

Turns out Burberry is on Team Jay-Z, using minimal shapes and basic lines reminiscent of its classic style for the Autumn 2010 line. History lesson: The Fishtail Parka was first developed by the military in 1951 to protect soldiers from the elements and during the 1960’s in the UK the fishtail parka became a symbol of the mod subculture. Cheers!


Love Connection: Dos Equis x KAWS

Two of the Bus’s favorite things: highbrow art that purports to be lowbrow, and lowbrow beer that is appropriated by the highbrow! Jersey artist Brian Donnelly-aka KAWS-collaborated with the cerveza company Dos Equis to design some limited edition bottles, and they are purdy.

Sweet. The world finally makes sense again: booze and fashion collide.

And that’s just a taste (yuk yuk yuk) of KAWS’ work, check below for some more samples of KAWS’ work.

KAWS army

KAWS tagged

NERD x KAWS x Complex Magazine


Critters and Such

Is he from Donnie Darko? Wrong set.....

Here at Hella Bus we are all for animals…

And wearing animal masks.

And dancing with animals (most preferably cute puppies).

So for this post, it’s all about photos. Of people wearing animal masks. Doing silly things. It’s one of those days… And yes, I have given you all the opportunity to see me, yes THE Helena Taflin, in a dress, on roller skates, wearing a panda mask. That is all.

Guess who

animal love connection

Wall ornament?

What a sweet couple

And let us end this animal house party with an amazing shot………


And now for some awesome beats “Strangers in Masks”


Product Placement: Jersey Style

Snooki's Gucci is the real situation. Work it girl!

What is short, furry, and orange all over? Why it’s our favorite guidette from Jersey……Snooki! Besides forgetting who she hooked up with the night before, she has become quite the fashonista.

Last season she was seen sporting  (as well as spilling large quantities of vodka in) her Coach purse. But this season miss Snooki has upgraded her goods.

She has been toting a Gucci purse from club to bar to face-planting on the sidewalk .

Designer labels usually pay celebrities millions to endorse their products, as well as give them the occasional gift of a purse or necklace in hopes of selling it to the masses. Great way to advertise. Can I get in on this as well?

Now the games have gotten dirty. Companies of exclusive products are sending Snooki free merchandise… from their competitors.

Snooki is a “pawn in a reported raging style war” — with the weapon of choice being fine leather goods. She is getting the cue from those Russian spies by becoming an unaware passed out sleeper cell for the high end fashion industry!

Lets take a flashback to 1944 and the British hoax operation code-named “Copperhead”. An Aussie actor, M. E. Clifton-James, impersonated Field Marshal Montgomery on a highly publicized visit to Gibraltar and North Africa. This was a hint to the Germans that the Allies were planning to invade Southern France. And in the famous words of Borat….. “Not!”

Yes, I still quote Borat for I think the movie is horrendously funny.

Lets take another time travel (a little less far back) to a previous post on the philanthropic initiatives of companies to sell their product. So on one side of the spectrum we have those who sell for “greater good” and on the other side we have those who give competitors’ products to less than likeable stars so the value of said product will decrease thus causing an increase in their own product’s sales. That was a mouthful.

Is this Micro-Economics for Devious Marketing 101?

Let the conniving games begin!

No hair pulling please, Snooki’s manicure might get chipped….


Philanthropy for sale

Thinking about saving a war-torned developing nation?

It all started with that yellow rubber wristband. Remember that? The Livestrong wristband we purchased at check-out counters for what…three dollars…(now you can purchase 100 for only $100-what a deal). It was the hippest thing to do.

Ever since then, stores and brands alike have been marketing the idea of not only selling a product, but selling a charitable cause.

More pictures of Bono after the jump!! Continue reading ‘Philanthropy for sale’


Higher Education

The old school

Sometimes major events line up just so. Just think of the crazy/awesome coincidence that involved experiencing Shark Week and the Week of Joe at the same time.

A tribute to the timeless preppy style, Take Ivy, is being released in a new printing this month. The photobook, amazing showcase of Ivy League style, was produced during the 1960’s by a Japanese team of fashion writers and a photographer. It’s just in time to hit for back-to-school season.

The book was out of print until a few years back, but just a quick glance at Take Ivy proves that the preppy style transcends time and trends. The book has been scanned and blogged about a bunch on the Internet and lots of fashion watchers are really excited to see it published.

Check out breathtaking photos from the shoot in the video preview below and make sure you pick up the book when it drops on August 31- if you can. The first printing has already sold out. Continue reading ‘Higher Education’


This smells fishy to me

After you buy me my dream home, dream car, dream wedding ring.....

Ahoy there! We have had some meaty posts this week for Shark Week, so I need to take out the big harpoons for Fashion Friday.

So we are going to take a bite out of fashion trends that tie in with our nautical theme. Think of this as the Hamptons meets mid-century Americana. Without the awkward confrontations with the pool boy…and your cousin.


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