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Hella Bus – The Rebirth

There comes a day in every blog’s life when it must leave the comfort of its WordPress home and step out into those bright lights of the interweb.  Friends, countrymen, netizens, Busridas – that time has come. THE HELLA BUS IS MOVING TO A NEW SITE.

This post marks the final time our pun-filled rants will grace this hallowed page.  But wipe away those tears blog-dwellers – a new dawn, a rebirth of sorts, lays before us.  Hella Bus now lives on the Bus’ new website – bigger, better, and more pun-heavy than ever.

We let you decide how to get to the newest iteration of Hella Bus – choose your favorite death/rebirth narrative!

The Biggie Version

The Bus Version


I Come From The Land of Hella

Hello Hella Bus Crowd!

My name is Scott and I am oh-so proud to be the newest blogger for Hella Bus. A pleasure to meet each and every one of you! My seat on the bus has an excellent vantage of local politics and environmental issues, so I’m here to scribe what I see for the rest of you(th). Thinking about communities and ecologies is my brain food at least two meals a day, for one at the University of Washington, but also just as I meander through the streets of Seattle. I want to know what creates communities, what keeps them together, and how we can make them stronger; no matter whether we are talking about human or plant politics.

A little bit about me: I arrived here in Seattle in the Fall of 2007 to attend the Seattle Campus of UW from the land of hella (the San Francisco Bay Area). Since then I have fallen in love with this place. I’ve done my best to introduce myself to all the neighborhoods, landmarks, secret staircases and butt-kicking groups like the Bus. The Bus and I share a strong faith and excitement in our fellow young people. I believe that if we are daring, but always critical, we can kick down the door to progressive change before we are declared officially-jaded.

Along the lines of this philosophy,  another youngin and myself founded the youth-powered Our American Generation (OAG) in 2009. OAG is a social justice think-tank that helps folks get serious and get organized about social justice issues they care about. The group also throws down everything it takes to get projects published and spread all around Seattle free-of-charge. On top of this, we provide a public forum for issues pertaining to youth, American culture, and social justice on our blog, “The Youth Talks”. OAG definitely works by the Bus mantra, “of young people, by young people, for all people”. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone who gets down with the bus should get up on OAG.

I am absolutely jazzed to get so much contact with this generation of movers and shakers. I hope that everyone can enjoy what I have to share. On that note, here is fun game you can re-create at home to blow off some steam before the school year kicks into gear!


A post of reiteration


Hey folks- we’re just checking in to make sure that you remember that Today is the Day. The Day for what? The Day for you to submit your application to write for Hella Bus. The new Hella Bus, that is. You see that picture up top? That’s what THE FUTURE looks like. THE FUTURE of writing. THE FUTURE of Internet (, a network called). You can be a part of it, dear friend and reader.

Here’s the deets. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Words + Internet + You + Bus

simulation of Bus reaction to your recieved application

= Win. We’re still taking applications (’til Friday!) for those who want to write for Hella Bus. Because it’s hella fun and it will be hella helpful in making you a hella good writer.

And the cool thing about applying right now is that you get to be part of a blog on the rise- you get to set the standard for quality, quantity, and quirkiness (?) that will be Hella Bus… in THE FUTURE. Which you can and will be a part of. Because the Bus is all about the future. Children are the future.

What’re we talking about again? Oh, never mind. Just read the Post of Announcement for all the details.


A post of announcement: Write for Hella Bus!

To misquote a certain internet meme of our day and age: we heard you like blogs, so we’re going to put you inside this blog so you can blog while you read your blog. Yes, that’s right, Hella Bus is looking for writers, and we think it might be you!


While that little internet meme above may not have translated quite as well as we’d hoped, we do want your BIG LEAGUE WRITING CAREER to go well. Didn’t catch that? You are going to have a BIG LEAGUE WRITING CAREER and it will start at Hella Bus.

Here’s how you start your BIG LEAGUE WRITING CAREER:

  1. Download this job description
  2. Download this application
  3. Download this style guide
  4. Read the job description, application and style guide
  5. Use the job description and style guide to complete the application by Friday, July 30, 2010.
  6. Get hired by the Bus
  7. Enter the mental state of a someone with a BIG LEAGUE WRITING CAREER (winner styleez)

Nitty gritty details:

  • The deadline to apply is Friday, July 30, 2010
  • The volunteer position lasts for four months
  • Block out the evening of Friday, August 6th for a training session – just in case!
  • Writer positions are volunteer (i.e. unpaid)
  • You will produce two posts per week during every week of your term, with the commensurate hours that requires
  • High five

Miscellany and viral video link: if you miss the deadline, you can’t apply after the deadline. That’s why it’s a deadline. But you can apply in November, when we rotate our crop of writers (so to speak.) Here is a viral video about crop rotation.


Writing for Hella Bus is rad.

this could be you

It’s true. I believe that so much, in fact, that I freakin’ work in the Bus specifically for the blog. I eat, drink and sleep Hella Bus. (Mmmm. Frosted blog flakes.) Much of my time is spent scouring the Interwebs for interesting stuff to entertain and inform myself with and Hella Bus means I can share that kind of stuff with all y’all and not just my friends. Who were on the verge of being ex-friends because I send them too many links. (Kidding.)

But for real, I love writing here. To that end I’m involved in writing a style guide for future Hella Bus writers. Indeed, I wanted to tell y’all about how much I love writing for Hella Bus not only because it’s true but because we’re going to add some powerful bats to the Hella Bus lineup. We want you, our dedicated readers, to be the first ones to apply for these prospective writing gigs. Consider this your heads up. Applications will get posted soon… be on the lookout.


Pride 2010 fashion: the good, the bad, and the spandex

The glamorous Miss Gay Seattle XLV

Pride Fest 2010, for those who missed it, was filled with sequins, paint, and plenty of spandex. It was a wonderful display of humanity in all its glory, something I can truly appreciate. I loved seeing the mix of people, all together in perfect harmony.

The fashions on display were certainly eclectic to say the least. There was everything from turquoise bikini wearing middle aged men to loafer-wearing politicians there to promote their platforms. There was also a bicycle gang wearing nothing at all. They sure let it all hang out.

One of my favorite floats was from Los Hermanos, with the main entertainer shirtless, dressed in chaps and gyrating quite provocatively. Was it for the crowd? Rain City Soccer Club put on quite a show, proving soccer players know how to handle their balls the best (yuk yuk yuk). And who could forget the statuesque Miss Seattle Gay Pride 2010, whose silver outfit was the show stealer, down to a rainbow chiffon inlet in the skirt.

For those of us who came to the parade after attending Sunday services, no problem, there were a few church groups in the parade as well as the great Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Enjoy the photos and cast your vote on your favorite float……

Looks like Batman has been working out

Pink is also my favorite color

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