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Product Placement: Jersey Style

Snooki's Gucci is the real situation. Work it girl!

What is short, furry, and orange all over? Why it’s our favorite guidette from Jersey……Snooki! Besides forgetting who she hooked up with the night before, she has become quite the fashonista.

Last season she was seen sporting  (as well as spilling large quantities of vodka in) her Coach purse. But this season miss Snooki has upgraded her goods.

She has been toting a Gucci purse from club to bar to face-planting on the sidewalk .

Designer labels usually pay celebrities millions to endorse their products, as well as give them the occasional gift of a purse or necklace in hopes of selling it to the masses. Great way to advertise. Can I get in on this as well?

Now the games have gotten dirty. Companies of exclusive products are sending Snooki free merchandise… from their competitors.

Snooki is a “pawn in a reported raging style war” — with the weapon of choice being fine leather goods. She is getting the cue from those Russian spies by becoming an unaware passed out sleeper cell for the high end fashion industry!

Lets take a flashback to 1944 and the British hoax operation code-named “Copperhead”. An Aussie actor, M. E. Clifton-James, impersonated Field Marshal Montgomery on a highly publicized visit to Gibraltar and North Africa. This was a hint to the Germans that the Allies were planning to invade Southern France. And in the famous words of Borat….. “Not!”

Yes, I still quote Borat for I think the movie is horrendously funny.

Lets take another time travel (a little less far back) to a previous post on the philanthropic initiatives of companies to sell their product. So on one side of the spectrum we have those who sell for “greater good” and on the other side we have those who give competitors’ products to less than likeable stars so the value of said product will decrease thus causing an increase in their own product’s sales. That was a mouthful.

Is this Micro-Economics for Devious Marketing 101?

Let the conniving games begin!

No hair pulling please, Snooki’s manicure might get chipped….