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Moe. Joe. Moe Joe. Thursday.

different moe

Here at the Bus, we love Joe Fitzgibbon. He’s the kind of guy you would totally want to go out to a bar with and talk politics. Or represent you politically. So help him do both!

Joe needs your help to do the first thing- he can’t go to a bar with you if you’re not there, duh. Luckily, this month’s Washington Buzz is your chance! Come through Moe Bar (1425 10th Ave), for the ever-cleverly named Moe Joe. Drink specials, and special people!

And you can help Joe do the second thing (the whole “representing you politically, etc”) by going doorbelling during the Week of Joe, which begins on August 3rd.

And of course by going to Moe Joe you will be helping Joe get elected because Moe Bar is, as everyone knows, the key to getting votes. Or, rather, Moe votes so we can have Moe Joe in our Legislature.

Moe Joe

Thursday, July 29, 2010, 6pm to 8pm
Moe Bar
1425 10th Ave
Seattle, WA


buzzzzzz buzzzz buzzzz buzzzzz TONIGHT!

playing to win

Dear Friends,

The time has come. The day is here. Our great task is upon us.

Let us get Buzzed.

Join us tonight, Thursday, Juneuary 24, from 6-8 pm at the Moe Bar for an Hour (two hours, really) of Happiness.

We will talk politics and eat fish from Pike Street Fish Fry and drink beer from cans delicious sources. Or, if you’re not 21+ yet, you can drink not beer, because the Buzz (as always) is all ages. Heck yes.

We’ll see you there!

The Washington Buzz
Thursday, June 24th, 6-8pm
Moe Bar – 1425 10th Ave
Free, all ages, historic


Happy Junuary Buzz!

Charlotte... Washington. A small, oft-overlooked town.

This Thursday, it’s going down at Moe Bar! Come join the Bus and  cast off that Junuary gloom with good people, good politics and, dare we say it, good conversation. You like? You like. You’re coming? You’re coming. Echo? Echo.

The Washington Buzz
Thursday, June 24th, 6-8pm
Moe Bar – 1425 10th Ave
Free, all ages, smashing


better know your venues


Hope everyone had a successful weekend- for those of y’all on the Western side of the Cascades, it’s important to take advantage of the beginning of June (end of Juneuary?).

While there’s some great places to take in live music outside, most music is, of course, played indoors- the great Washington scene needs to protect all of that friggin’ expensive gear* from the elements.

With that in mind, our beloved friends at Three Imaginary Girls have started a project. They will describe, in detail, every major (and perhaps each minor) concert venue in town. Having only just turned 21 this year, I’m pretty stoked. Those who’ve wanted to catch a band on a local swing only to be frustrated by the nefarious presence of alcohol and only recently overcome their age-related limitations will probably find the series useful.

This week the Sparkly Indy Press covers Capitol Hill institution and Bus-approved happy hour spot Neumo’s. Check it out!


*Buy me one?


Emerald and Lilac Buzzes – tonight!


Love + Marriage (equality now). Horse + Carriage (sustainable transportation systems). Ebony + Ivory (the King lives). Crimson + Clover (no idea).

And now: Emerald and Lilac! Seattle and Spokane are holding dueling Buzzes this evening, and you should definitely be at at least one of them! If you can make it to two, well damn, we’re just impressed.

Washington Buzz – Spokane
6 to 8 PM
Baby Bar – 827 W 1st Ave
ElkFest pre-funk and VOLUME music fest ticket giveaway!

Washington Buzz – Seattle
6 to 8 PM
Moe Bar – 1410 10th Ave

Choose your poison!


The Buzz is BACK!

Charlotte... Washington. A small, oft-overlooked town.

Pow! This Thursday, just a couple of days from today, you too can immerse yourself in the glory and goodness that is the Washington Buzz. In case you’re new to the scene, the Buzz is your favorite happy hour for those who love good politics and good people.

You should come through for a couple reasons:
1) We’ll be holding a raffle for the BRAND SPANKING NEW Bus t-shirts!
2) Monthly Members are our friends with benefits. That means your first drink is on us!
3) You’re about to have guaranteed health coverage, what better way to celebrate than to hurt your liver just a tad???

The Washington Buzz
Thursday, March 25
Moe Bar//1425 10th Ave
6-8 pm//21+