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The Magic Vote Bus explores the body politic

wink wink

Pheobe: Ms. Frizzle, did you know it’s election season???

Ms. Frizzle: Why yes, Pheobe, it’s my favorite time of year! How did you know elections were going on right now?

Pheobe: I was helping my 62-year-old grandma vote just last night.

Frizzle: What a coincidence, Pheobe – your grandma is exactly the age of the average Washington primary voter! Class, this looks like the perfect opportunity for a field trip. But today, we’re not taking our normal school bus, we’re taking the Magic Vote Bus on Saturday, August 14 at Delridge Playfield and exploring the Body Politic!
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Get on the Magic Vote Bus

Mz. Frizzle works for the Bus!?

Are you ready for the Magic Vote Bus?

The Fellows have officially stepped onto the Magic Vote Bus. What is the Magic Vote Bus, you ask? Well, it is certainly magical. It certainly is serious about turning out voters. It is friends with the Voteshark. Its driver is into science or something. There may or may not be an iguana. It has all of these elements, to be sure. But if you were to sum up the Magic Vote Bus in one sentence what would you say? What is it?

It’s the Best Doorbelling Voter Turnout Knockout EVER.

Join Your Friends in the Politics Business, the 2010 Summer Fellows, on the (metaphorical) Magic Vote Bus. The Fellows, as you know, love doing field work. And they want to help you learn to love fieldwork, too.

So: if you think you’re cool enough to knock doors with people who spend their free time knocking doors (which you totally are!), meet us at Delridge Park at 10 AM on Saturday, August 14!

Free food, good company, and, best of all, sweet dance party.

This is the Progressive Voter’s Guide.