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Forty-Eight hours in Portland

Yours truly was off in Portland this past weekend soaking in the nice weather and great displays of public art-did you realize how clean the streets were?!

Well, in addition to checking out the amazing cafes-which I say rival the ones in Seattle-I also got a chance to be taken around by the fashion guru of Portland, Mr. Ryan JD Christensen.

He is the creator and genius behind the fashion line Sameunderneath and currently serves on the Board of our sister to the south, the Oregon Bus Project. More about the stores and Ryan’s awesome hair after the jump…… Continue reading ‘Forty-Eight hours in Portland’


Food on Wheels

I love my German sausages fresh out of a van

Don’t you love it when you can get your enchiladas and fresh guacamole right out of the back of a van equipped with a mega stove and the cooking capacity of a small restaurant?

I do, and apparently so does the mayor, because within a few weeks his office will propose rules to make street vending- like food trucks- easier to set up.

Although Seattleites and visitors love this proposed deal, restaurant owners are not too happy about the idea. It’s to bad for them, because this post is about the awesomeness that is the glowing orb of the food truck, not the competitors.

While visiting our flannel-heavy and shaving-light southern friends in Portland I had the food truck experience of a lifetime. More pictures after the jump- no salivating on your keyboard please. Continue reading ‘Food on Wheels’