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Freaky Fashion Friday Part Duex!

For all of you who ever spent one of those interminably long nights tossing and turning under the covers wondering “what, WHAT is this one-eyed-elongated blob that looks like the “arch-nemesis of Gumby” that plagues my sleepless existence?

Well – my troubled friend –  you are in for a treat! They’re psychological manifestations of a scarring childhood fishing accident Mascots!  Indeed, the UK just unveiled the 2012 Olympic mascots: Mandeville and Wenlock (good god what were they smoking?). This is not a joke.  This is real.  This is terrifyingly real.



Please do not poke them in the eye



Hanging with the Lobos: Burque


Where are you Luke? I am your father! You come back here!


700 hot air balloons, five green chili breakfast burritos, four cute puppies, two days in Santa Fe, and one British indie rock band.

Just another weekend in Albuqurque, New Mexico for yours truly.

And I lied about the green chili breakfast burritos.  There were at least 10.

Read on for what to eat, where to be seen, and where..umm…you might not want to be seen in the land of the Lobos. Onwards!!!  Continue reading ‘Hanging with the Lobos: Burque’


Babies for 1098

Initiative 1098 is all the buzz right now.  We’ve just discovered the most compelling case for 1098 yet – a baby:

Do it for the children


The Washington Bus 2010 Summer Fellows

The Bus wants you.

This summer, something remarkable is going to happen. Again. That’s right, the Washington Bus Summer Fellowship is back – and this year it’s even bigger, better, and badder to the bone. And the Summer Fellows need only one thing to take over Washington: you.

The Washington Bus Summer Fellowship is an intensive ten-week program – Fellows learn how to design and execute field plans, manage volunteers, work with partner groups, and just about everything else you would need to effectively navigate and participate in the political process. When you graduate from the Summer Fellowship, you’re ready to walk into any campaign or organization and take a leadership role.

Last year, the Bus’s Summer Fellows made everything happen. Literally. You remember Candidate Survivor? It was Fellows who were running the stage, greeting candidates and training volunteers. How about the VoteBot Army? Yep, that was a Fellows-design pledge-to-vote program. Needless to say, we love our Fellows.

Here’s what you should do:

1) Are you 18-24 years old? Do you want to be a Bus Summer Fellow? Excellent. We’re glad you do. Simply head on over to our online application and fill that bad boy out.

2) Do you know an 18-24 year old person who should apply for the Summer Fellowship? Excellent. We’re glad you do. You can nominate Fellows online – just fill out the nomination form, and you’re kicking off the process.

More questions? Check out the in-depth question-answering-page. ‘Tis official.

It’s that easy! Apply today, and jump-start the future of Washington State!

Check out what some of last year’s Fellows are up to now, after the jump!

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Oly in a Can – numero dos, this time it’s environmental

And it’s personal. Dangit.

That’s right people, after last week’s blow out at Grey, Oly in a Can, Episode 2, is smashing towards you as. we. speak. And yes, as the name suggests, this time we’re focusing on that one great common denominator – the environment.

No, hippie, it’s not just for drum circles anymore. We’ll be hearing about what’s happening in the worlds of health (what’s up asthma reduction?), wealth (oh, hey green tech), and even your very own neighborhood (sustainable, walkable, so so sexy).

So what do you have to do? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually – just come to Grey Gallery on Capitol Hill in Seattle (151211th Ave) on Wednesday, February 10th from 6 to 8 pm, enjoy a beverage (both +/- 21 options are available, natch), kick back, and let the Bus take you away. It’s that easy breezy. See you there!

Olympia in a Can, Episode 2: This time it’s environmental.
Grey Gallery and Lounge – 1512 11th Ave, Seattle
Wednesday, February 10th
6-8 PM