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R-52uesday! Saving Scrilla!

Last week I left ya’ll with the notion that turning saved energy into saved money, is perhaps an equally important outcome of the bad-ass-future-saving Referendum 52. Indeed for Aberdeen School District’s business manager, Tom Laufmann, saving cash through R-52 is his primary interest:

Philosophically, we should say it’s better for the planet.. But it’s about the money. We’re so short on money anyway, we don’t want to pay any more on utility bills than we have to.

Although we may be passionate going green, we always gotta remember the other green; keep the wise words of the Wu in mind (CREAM). This week I wanted to share some stories where energy-retrofits, just like the ones that will come with R-52, have helped schools save some dolla dolla bills, while cleaning up the environment at the same time.

Kiona-Benton School District

The district was not even thinking about energy retrofits until they spotted energy efficiency grants being dished out by the state. This inspired them to hire a company called Quantum to give their K-8 building the once-over. Quantum laid out what would be the most cost effective, and the state  bit into their suggestions like the juicy locally grown apple you gave your kindergarten teacher. Lighting, heating, and cooling systems were updated to be more modern and energy efficient. The cost? $380,000 total. This is important, because this sort of money is virtually impossible for local school districts to get their hands on (the district paid $150,000 in this case), which is why we need the force and funding of R52 to make it happen. We need not worry about R52 emptying the state’s wallet either, because repairing school buildings is expected to save the state $610,000 in new construction costs over 8 years, or more than $75,000/year on average. But back to the local – the Kiona-Benton school district will now be saving $20,000 annually, from repairing just one school building.

Burlington-Edison School District

In 2002 the district retrofitted lighting, water and ventilation systems at two schools and the district office building. The project cost $323,000, $278 thousand of which was paid by the district. Now the district is saving an estimated $35,500 each year. They’ll be counting stacks beyond their costs in only 8 years. And wait.. I think that means we’re using less energy too. Gettin’ paid to save the world… sounds kind of like working for the Bus.

Aberdeen School District

What about our buddy Mr. Laufman? How did he fare in his sustainable quest for cash-money? Well, retrofitting a school heater alone saves about $30,000 every freakin’ year. They also decided to switch out to more efficient lighting in the school gym. We are still waiting on numbers for energy savings, but students and faculty are already diggin it.


You don't even want to know what I can do with a trowel.

There you have it. Schools are already making it happen. Imagine what they could do with R-52 in place! Thanks for joining me for another Bustastic R-52uesday. I love having you all ❤

Shout out to the Sightline Institute for hooking up so much good info on the Referendum 52. The Bus will drive over soon for a many-handed-high-five. For those who haven’t checked them out yet, clickity clickity.

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Freaky Fashion Friday Part Duex!

For all of you who ever spent one of those interminably long nights tossing and turning under the covers wondering “what, WHAT is this one-eyed-elongated blob that looks like the “arch-nemesis of Gumby” that plagues my sleepless existence?

Well – my troubled friend –  you are in for a treat! They’re psychological manifestations of a scarring childhood fishing accident Mascots!  Indeed, the UK just unveiled the 2012 Olympic mascots: Mandeville and Wenlock (good god what were they smoking?). This is not a joke.  This is real.  This is terrifyingly real.



Please do not poke them in the eye



Capitol Hill Bus Party: holy crap 2010

we got your back

Here’s the thing about the Capitol Hill Block Party: it freaking rules. Anytime you have thousands of young people coming together, amazing bands playing amazing music, and the Bus front and center with popsicles and pledge cards in hand, you know it’s going to be outrageous. And it was.

This year’s Block Party was ridiculously amazing! The Bus’s Summer Fellows were Pledge to Vote pros – getting just under 1,800 pledges to vote in three days! Add that to hundreds of voter registrations and thousands of new friends (we see you, homeslices), and you have what is surely one of the best weekends of the summer!

Huge thanks to Dave, Kerry, Steve, Victoria and the whole team for organizing this crazy thing, and to our friends Kia, Smokey, Steven, Quentin and more for making it hum. The Bus had a blast, and we’re super proud to be a part of this amazing community that is artistically vibrant and politically powerful! We’ll see you next year, Block Party – watch out now!

all smiles

true friendship

this is how we do it


this is my voter reg picture

Bus + Block Party = happiness

urgent message: sun's out, guns out

fred astaire, ladies and gentlemen

Vote for Bus

see youths! see youths block party! see youths pledge at block party!

VoteBots = Love

Voting fangirls

voting fanboys

hi! can i interest you in some democracy?

Bus = glamor


i mean, whatever. we're just taking it to the streets. no big deal.


three examples of Seattle's Finest

is your team undefeated? yes. because this is your team.


The state: not exactly stacking paper


Governor Gregoire must not have heard about the whole panhandling thing, because she’s hitting us up for ideas. I mean money. I mean both. I mean Leo’s dreams because they’re worth money.

Uh… yeah. Basically, our Governator wants people to submit their budget-balancing ideas so that she doesn’t have to come up with them or raise taxes can fill the multibillion dollar donut that is our state budget, because she wants to turn it into a maple bar.

Here’s the ideas the Bus is going to submit:

  • Sell lemonade.
  • Derivative credit swaps.
  • Sell naming rights for the Capitol.
  • Sell sponsorship rights for Mt. Rainier.
  • Sell sponsorship rights for Christine Gregoire’s forehead.
  • Operate a state-controlled monopoly on liquor distribution.
  • Auction off Monopoly dates with Sam Reed

Young money/cash money’s campaign finance mixtape

Lil' Wayne National Committee

Young money and cash money are dropping their campaign finance mixtape this week. It’s going to be hot. You won’t believe the guests they have on this thing. Usually for these label showcases you just have the guys from the label, but I hear rumors that Representative Chris Van Hollen and Senator Chuck Schumer are both going to be featured on Nicki Minaj’s “D.I.S.C.L.O.S.E. (Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On Elections.)” I think it’s a “C.R.E.A.M.” tribute.

Anywho… turns out that’s not true. the national media is busy inventing stories to entertain themselves, including this whole mixtape bizness, because apparently there’s nothing important to report on. The Republican National Committee, which raises money for Republican federal candidates nationwide, is either raising pretty good money, out of money, can’t be trusted with anyone’s money, or owes people a lot of money.

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Weekly cash money moment: The 8th Congressional district and fundraising

Kicking it with Weezy

It’s pretty crazy. These days, in order to run for Congress- let alone win a spot in it- you have to raise a ton of money. Incumbents, according to noted campaign finance expert Tony Corrado, come up with an average $1.4 million to run their races.

Keep in mind that figure is about incumbents- as you may have heard before, incumbents generally don’t have much trouble getting reelected to the House. Most Congressional districts are engineered by state legislatures to lean heavily in the direction of one of the two parties in a process called gerrymandering. Therefore most Congressional races aren’t competitive. Think about it this way: the only way Rep. Jim McDermott of Seattle is going to get voted out is if someone comes at him from the left. People from Capitol Hill and Fremont aren’t going to vote for a Tea Partier.

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Gabe’s Picks: The Curious Case of Big Boi Not Releasing His Damn Album

Ever since that 2007 VIBE interview when the immortal Big Boi announced details for his second solo album (everyone knows Speakerboxxx/The Love Below was packaged as one album to create the illusion that Outkast had not broken up) produced mostly by southernlegends Organized Noise, and set for release later that year (2007), the hip hop world has been buzzing with excitement.  The album was to be titled Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Curious Case of Chico Dusty an awesome name that pushed my interest even further.

When the album wasn’t released in 2007, we blamed his label, Jive Records.   Big Boi switched to Def Jam Records and in early 2008 released the excellent “Royal Flush with former Outkast partner Andre 3000 and Wu-Tang legend Raekwon.  The song didn’t get much radio play, but sparked the interest of hip hop heads around the world.  Big Boi spent the rest of 2008 hyping the album and releasing an awful pop song called “Ringtone (bet you can’t guess what that’s about!).  Oh yeah, he also jumped on the Obama bandwagon and was one of dozens of rappers/singers to make a song dedicated to our future president (summarized well here).

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