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Voices Rising

Here’s a very cool thing that just popped up on the Bus’s radar: Voices Rising is the Northwest’s only showcase of LGBTQ performers of color, and features multi-genre performances by a ton of good folks.  This installment features the work of Avery Young and Mami Watu, two amazing poets whose work touches on forms from haiku to hip hop.

Basically, you should check it out, especially because it’s at an interesting new venue in Columbia City. Just do it already!


Emerald and Lilac Buzzes – tonight!


Love + Marriage (equality now). Horse + Carriage (sustainable transportation systems). Ebony + Ivory (the King lives). Crimson + Clover (no idea).

And now: Emerald and Lilac! Seattle and Spokane are holding dueling Buzzes this evening, and you should definitely be at at least one of them! If you can make it to two, well damn, we’re just impressed.

Washington Buzz – Spokane
6 to 8 PM
Baby Bar – 827 W 1st Ave
ElkFest pre-funk and VOLUME music fest ticket giveaway!

Washington Buzz – Seattle
6 to 8 PM
Moe Bar – 1410 10th Ave

Choose your poison!


Canh Solo – photographer to the stars

Good art makes us very very happy, and good art that says something is even better. Canh Solo is a photographer/artist/documentarian whose work has moved towards blending social commentary, high art, and contemporary graphic design. His latest project, Gentrification: A South Seattle Story, pulls all three of those levers into high gear, putting stark black and white imagery into conversation with what looks like quotations from various new and old residents.

Check the full meal deal at his blog, it’s worth it!


Buzzes all over!

If one is good, then two is… too legit to quit? Must be.

The grand news is this: if you’ve loved the Washington Buzz in all its sloppy glory, then this week is your lucky day (week?). For the first time in the history of the Bus, we’re going to be having dueling Buzzes happening on Thursday – one on the Westside in Seattle, and one in Lilac City, Spokane. It’s a beautiful thing.

Eastside: The inaugural Spokane Buzz is going down on Thursday, May 27th, from 6 to 8 at Baby Bar (827 W. 1st Ave). It’s the pre-funk for ElkFest (coming up in June!), and in the spirit of good musics and good people, the first 25 folks who show up will get free tickets to VOLUME, the Inlander’s music festival that’s going down at the Knitting Factory the SAME NIGHT! Free music, first drink free for Bus monthly members/ElkFest volunteers, Neato Burrito and you! What could be better!

Westside: The Seattle Classic continues its run at our watering hole of choice, Moe Bar (1425 10th Ave), from 6 to 8 pm like we always do. And while the Westside Connection can’t promise you free tickets to an awesome music festival, attendees will have the opportunity to bask in the warm glow of Christina Rocks, the Bus’s brand new Field Coordinator! It will feel like summer has actually arrived, we promise… As usual, first drink is free for monthly members!

Pow! See you there.

Appropriate music videos after the jump:

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We’ll always have Tokyo in the evening

Simply because it’s beautiful.

Via those classy gents over at Seattle Transit Blog.


Greyhound came, saw, and officially conquered!

Last night was quite the to-do! Thanks to everyone who came through, and filled the Bus office way up to the gills with energy and general butt kickingly good people!

Quentin made the most delectable Greyhounds this side of Auburn, Jason Finn added perfectly timed rimshots and quips, the Bone Bouncers brought the double dutch ruckus, and Selector Tang played only the choicest musical selections. To top it all off, you, the awesome volunteers of the Bus, signed up to captain events, Bus trips, get out the vote work, and more. Plus, you met our awesome new Field Coordinator, Christina Rocks, for the very first time!

Thanks to everyone for coming out! We’re looking forward to this year so much, and you are the ones who are going to make it happen! Here are some awesome pictures from last night – go team!


Thomas: he's your main squeeze

There were non-alcoholic drinks, dammit

Aaaaand, the alcoholic beverages...

And yes, we have a greyhound.

The crowd gathers...

Christina Rocks, brand new Field Coordinator!

I see you, lil' Greyhound!

Team on three!

The swarm.

Give the funky drummer some: Mr. Jason Finn on snare and splash.

Two Ripps and a Price.

Happy birthday Sarith! Thanks for sharing it with the Bus!

Who's that guy???

The Dream Team

Miraculously surviving in the winds.

Once and future Summer Fellows.

Don't you love signing in? Yes! Yes I do!

Part of the intern crew! Go DD's!

Still thickening...

The Bone Bouncers! In full effect!

Selector Tang Tang Tang Tang!

Nuff respect due!

Marq sees something the others do not...

Quentin, killing it on the greyhounds!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again!

An excellent joke was told!

Hello, Kitty.

Holding it down!

We don't even know whose car this was!

Style AND substance.

Their shirts are a greyscalre rainbow.

Note the double devil horns being thrown by J. Johnston in the slideshow.


Gabe’s Picks – Auckland Edition

The Bus Office is getting ready for Greyhound tonight and you should be too!  In the meantime though, you should check out Homebrew of Auckland, New Zealand.  Know nothing about them, but it sounds perfect on this beautiful afternoon in the 206.

Also, a very cool video featuring the above song and Auckland graffiti artist Askew.