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Some New Year’s Predictions

This is the worst laptop I've ever worked with.

The top ten things that we’re almost sure will happen in 2010:

1. Tolls will be instituted everywhere. Everywhere.

2. Javier Caceres will become the state’s top campaign video consultant.

3. Mary Lou Dickerson will change her name to Mary Jane Dickerson.

4. The Seattle Times will endorse Darth Vader in the 3rd Congressional District. Vader’s campaign will be derailed when revelations of an illegitimate son and daughter come to light. Also, footage of him cutting off Luke Skywalker’s hand will make it onto Youtube, putting the “Macaca Moment” to shame.

5. Mike O’Brien and Mike McGinn will settle who is the Bike-iest Mike of all in a bicycle joust. Mike will win.

6. Susan Hutchison will run against Senator Patty Murray as a non-partisan candidate. Strangely, no Republican will enter the race.

7. Greg Nickels will like your status update.

8. Oregon will continue to be Washington’s pants, but will be lined with fleece for the winter.

9. The debate over the Viaduct will be resolved once and for all, requiring no further discussion on how to proceed.

10. Knute Berger and Joel Connelly will reminisce about the way things used to be. Meanwhile, things will change.


Iran. Ibreakdance.

Terrible, terrible pun. Sounds more like a bad Apple spoof. Anyhoo, enjoy this vintage video of Iranian breakdancing from 1991! Thank you internet, and make sure you watch until minute eight.


Hella News

Doesn't this guy ever get tired?

This news is fresh like rainwater, rainwater, rainwater.

Punched in the gut: Those freaking budget cuts and their impact on higher education… I’m telling you, it’s no bueno. Ed Lazowska, a prof over at the UW, crunched the numbers and it is, shall we say, not so hot. The big picture? The cuts being handed down by the state legislature are the fourth deepest in the nation, meaning our public universities are getting creamed, and the only funding solution that’s being offered is tuition increases. Ouch. Not that it’s that simple, but it’s definitely the effect.

Bigger is better: Who likes a new congressperson? You? Okay then, today’s your lucky day, because it looks like our fair state is in line to receive the 435th, and final, congressional seat. Is that tight? Yes, that is tight. Thanks to continuing population growth, Washington appears to be on track to increase our toehold inside the beltway. Pretty cool, eh? Any guesses where the new district might end up?

Neutral does not equal passive-aggressive: Governor Gregoire was in Copenhagen last week (something or other about a climate conference…) and announced that Washington will work towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2020. Not a small goal, that’s for sure, and it will be interesting to see how (and if) it plays out in influencing legislative decisions. Good on ya, Gov!



Wow, local rapper (and 2007 Trick or Vote performer) Macklemore just released the new video for his song The Town, which is, appropriately enough, about Seattle, aka the Town, for those who aren’t knowing. The video? FIRE. Fire upon fire. It captures a slice of our region’s musical and cultural history that is too often overlooked. Not just for the last couple years of musical renaissance, but the decades long history of hip hop in the northwest.

But enough, just watch the video. And see if you can catch the goofy-looking Bus staffer making a cameo appearance…


Happy Hogmanay!

It’s coming up on everyone’s favorite holiday of the year: Hogmanay! We’ll see you in the streets, twirling our fireballs, lighting our viking warships on fire, and dancing with our Caladonian sun goddesses!

Fireballs. True.

Sun goddess. Indeed.

Honest to god Viking warship. Burning.

Wait. You haven’t heard of Hogmanay? Okay then, happy St. Stephen’s Day to ye. The Bus hearts all. Bless up.


budding busketeers wish you a merry christmas

Did you know that Wheels on the Bus is a Christmas pageant original?  Now you do.

May your days be merry and Bus.  And have a happy long weekend!


Happy Birthday!

King County is 157 years old today! My, how far you’ve come. In fact, you’re even older than this guy.

Good on you, King County, good on you.