OMG! The Physics!


The Physics are at it again, folks. Not only are they playing Block Party (OMG! OMG!) but they’re dropping free music. For free. That’s right- free music for free. It’s not new, necessarily, but it’s definitely FREE. You hear that? It’s FREE. Go get it already!

The Physics are, of course, one of the best crews in Seattle (or international) hip-hop. And they give away music like few others- the High Society EP, which you can still get online for free, is one of my favorite releases of the past few years and Three Piece, pictured and linked to above, is their newest digital and is actually hotter than it is outside, which defies physics as I understand them. (Har har har).

Fortunately, the Physics understand Physics and want you to be physically at their set on the Friday night of Block Party. Kapish?


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